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Sunday, February 18, 2007

SoqlX and SF3 were the first OSX / app I wrote, both use the keychain (despite their being no cocoa api for Keychain), however I modeled the Keychain interactions on Camino, and at some point back I realized that's a bad model, as it assume one keychain entry per "thing". As Trapdoor shows, this is clearly not the case, and so I've been working on a replacement login process for my apps. In the process I also realized that getting all of it right and usable is actually a fair amount of work, managing multiple login servers, multiple keychain entries per server, creating and updating keychain entries, interaction with preferences etc, it all adds up. So I also built it as a standalone controller class and nib, so that i can easily re-use it across more apps. I just released a new build of SoqlXplorer, which has this new login code in it, along with support for the new queryAll call. If you have any interest in seeing the login / keychain controller & nib, let me know.