Way back when (2005ish?) DevAngel aka Dave Carroll wrote a .NET tool called Explorer which used the SOAP API to Salesforce to show information about tables & columns, and would let your write/execute SOQL queries against your Salesforce data. Around the same time I moved from Windows to OSX as my primary home desktop, and Explorer was so useful, i set about writing an OSX version, called SoqlX. 12 Years on, here we still are. (Dave's original explorer seems to have been victim to too many rebrandings)

With SoqlX you can explore the object & field schema details, build & run SOQL or SOSL queries, edit data, run apex code, it even do syntax highlighting on the query as you edit it along with a graphical schema explorer.

SoqlXplorer is open source, see the project home page on Github, patches welcome!

Syntax highlighting in action

Graphical schema explorer

Anonymous Apex


As of v3.0, SoqlXplorer requires High Sierra or later (OSX v10.13). Download and give it a go.


v3.0, Nov 25, 2018
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