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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fellow Salesforcer Ron Hess & I headed over to the CocoaHeads meeting thursday, Scott's talk on TextMate rocked, I learned a ton of stuff, and I'm trying to try using it as my primary editor for cocoa code for a while, see how it goes. The extensible bundles seem to give it a ton of power, I've already twiddled the objective-c bundle to do a couple of extra things i always seem to be doing, and the ability to add your own new bundles opens up all sorts of interesting avenues, seems like it would be possible to add an apex specific bundle that includes all the apex syntax, and plugs into the apex API to upload/compile your code. Something I'm going to try out when i get some spare time. I wasn't planning to, but ended up demoing sf3 and soqlXplorer to the group, I got a bunch of great suggestions for the schema viewer and I also got a suggestion on how to use NSBezierPath to layout the boxes on a path, rather than having to do all the math myself. I put that together and it worked out rather well, here's a screenshot of the schema viewer as it stands.

Will I go to the next one? I'd like to, but I need to work out some better transport options, I took caltrain this time, but there's no way that 44 miles each way should require a total round trip travel time of 5 hours (yes it was late when I finally got home).