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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Somewhere in the last few weeks I got totally hooked on doing Mac/Cocoa development, once you're over the initial learning curve (which is fairly steep), its a ton of fun, and a pretty productive environment. I recently re-wrote my blogging tool in Cocoa, and it turned out to be really straightforward, between cocoa bindings, user defaults and interface builder, I only actually wrote a fairly small amount of code, and most of that deals with the actual process of talking to the blog server (as it should be). (I now have versions of the blogging tool in C#, Java, Python and Cocoa). I have a ton of ideas (mostly Salesforce related), all I need now is some time to actually work on them. I've been working on some soqlXplorer features, and some UI rework for that, its coming along nicely. (I need to do something with the execute query button)