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Monday, July 5, 2021

The last post ended with me fighting with prints curling and eventually coming off the bed. I decided to grab a single layer test print and see what the first layer was doing.

really bad first layer print

Wow that's a terrible first layer, no wonder I've been having issues. It looks like its not close enough to the bed. I'd recently installed a BLTouch, so next step is to do a print without the bed leveling mesh enabled.

That one turned out better, the lines are stuck to each other and the bed. Part of the BLTouch install involves determining the distance between the nozzle and the activation point of the probe. Something must be off there. I carefully go through the process to determine the probe and nozzle offset and then have it measure the bed levelling mesh again. Now a print with the mesh applied.

That one turned out much better, even thickness, good bed adhesion. Time to kick off the 15 hour bearing mount print. Success, it stays stuck to the bed, time to assemble that last actuator.

3 first layer prints. From top to bottom, initial print, no auto bed levelling, auto bed levelling with recalibrated probe to nozzle setting.
3 progresively better prints