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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Despite all the buzz, Leopard is a fairly incremental release for users, Time Machine is nice, but still needs work, the unified UI is nice, spaces is equal parts useful and annoying. But for developers Leopard is quite the candy store, I've been tinkering with a number of the new APIs, and am starting to put it into practice with an update for SoqlXplorer. NSOperation/NSOperationQueue is particularly nice, as is the reams of code i can now delete and replace with system provided equivalents (NSGradient, HUDWindow, NSSplitView, the new style source list outline view, and of course Core Animation). Still, there's a few raw edges I've run into, this core data bug, and some of the docs still need updating (I ran into this one today, the docs for setDoubleAction on NSTableView are wrong for Leopard, I found confirmation that someone else spotted the same problem, the fix is fairly easy). Continues to be a nice change of pace from the day job.