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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trapdoor v1.1 is out, if you have v1.0 installed, next time you run it, it'll ask if it should update itself. (or hit check for updates in the menu). It now picks up Keychain events and updates its list of credentials, so if you add a new login via Safari, or you use Keychain access to remove a Keychain entry, Trapdoor will update the Login list straight away. If your password changes after you've added it to trapdoor, next time you try and use it, it'll tell you the password is no longer valid, and prompt you for a new one, it'll then log you in and update the keychain entry. Finally Tomasz Oczapowski sent me a good idea, which is to allow you to set an alias for each login, and to show that in the login list, here you can see that in action, I added a 'DE edition org' alias for one of my logins.

The alias is stored in the comment field in the keychain entry, and you can enter the alias on the new credentials window, but if you want to add alias's for your existing keychain entries when you upgrade, just use the Keychain Access utility to add your alias's to the comments field.