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Thursday, November 30, 2006

As I mentioned the other day, CoffeeGeek are running an auction fundraiser for CoffeeKids. On the auction page I'd noticed that Stumptown was listed as one of the sponsors, I'd figured they perhaps have a coffee of the month, or perhaps some of the cool coffee brewing gadgets they have in the Annex, but no, In the forums I found a post from Mark (chief CoffeeGeek) that says that Stumptown are going to be offering an expenses paid trip to Guatemala with Stumptown head honcho Duane Sorenso to visit finca el injerto in HueHue, the farm that won the Cup of Excellence this year. Yowzah!, that's absolutely completely insane, what an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for someone, Stumptown once again take things to a whole new level, way to go.