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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dreamforce is over for another year, a hectic, fun packed few days, the highlights for me were

  • Finally announcing the API 8.0 features, this is probably the most significant API version with the possible exception of the original release of the doc/literal SOAP API (back at API v2.5). There's a ton of good stuff in there including being able to query over relationships between objects, being able to resolve foreign keys using externalIds during upsert, having workflow trigger soap notifications, merge, undelete, and numerious additional improvements to SOQL, SOSL and metedata describes.
  • Getting my hands on a copy of the new building applications book, it looks really good, and includes a sneak peak of Apex, congrat to all involved in putting it together.
  • The Apex announcement, which seemed to go down really well, everyone I talked to at the conference was really excited about it. I'm looking forward to getting this into developers hands.
  • Putting faces to the blogs, I got the chance to hang out and drink beer (and fail misserably at the trivia quiz!) with a bunch of the Salesforce bloggers, including Mark from Salesforcewatch, Scott from perspectives on Salesforce, fellow brit Gareth Davies from where's the upside amongst others.
  • Getting asked coffee questions by multiple folks!
  • Getting to be part of the dive into Apex session which was standing room only.
  • My 3rd year at the Meet the developers session, a dreamforce tradition.
  • The ADN@DNA party was a blast, arrgg pirate booty

See you next year!