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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sync Services is pretty cool (it has a couple of rough edges, but provides a ton of useful features out of the box), and i have a prototype up and running that will syncronize contacts between the Mac address book and, it does bi-directional sync, handles conflicts etc. all is good. However that's all my app does, its a window with a sync button on, it currently looks a lot like iSync, and in fact everyone who's seen it so far asks the very reasonable question, why isn't it just a plug-in to iSync. That's my question too, but everything I've read so far indicates that the iSync plug-in model is not available to 3rd parties. What's Apple's plans here, will iSync become some extensible hub, or is it being downplayed into a phone sync tool, and will i end up with a ton of app's all syncing different peices of data to different services ?