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Friday, August 18, 2006

Getting no where with my woes with SchemaImporterExtension, despite the claims in the docs, it seems like its only really designed to substitute out types for existing types that are referenced in, not for more complex code generation solutions. There's a bunch of trivial examples out there, but nothing that does anything complex with it. Looks like a more workable approach will be to build a replacement wsdl.exe (which is largely a wrapper around ServiceDescriptionImporter. Its a pity that everything except Main is private in the wsdl.exe class, it always seems like the Microsoft classes always default to not being re-usable unless they really want it to, which sucks, i get to duplicate a whole bunch of boring boiler plate code just so I can get at the CodeDom before it gets serialized out to a file.

Update So I still need to wire up all the wsdl.exe options, but I got the basic's working, it sucks in the WSDL, massages my changes into the CodeDom then spits it out to a file :)