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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If you hang out on Coffee Geek for any length of time you'll realize that lots of people are into home roasting, buying green beans and roasting/blending themselves. I was intruiged and a whileback picked up an iRoast from home roasters central, Sweet Marias. To date I've only really roasted their pre-blended espresso blends, mainly espresso monkey and moka kadir. After the Stumptown trip, I've decided to branch out more into single origin coffee, so tonight I roasted up a batch of Brazil Carmo Estate Peaberry beans. I haven't kept any roast notes thus far, but now i think i'm going to have pay more attention and keep better track of what i've done and how things turn out, and my blog seems as good as place as any for that. (I really need to write the category support for my blogging engine)
I roasted a 5.5oz batch, however i noticed that the beans weren't really moving as well as the other roasts I've done, and I'm assuming that's a side effect of their smaller size, so next time i should do a smaller batch size (probably 5.0oz). I believe the movement problem resulted in the final roast not being as even as it could of been (you can see the variations in roasted colors). It was hard to hear second crack over the noise of the iRoast, but I'd guess I was about 10 seconds into second crack by the time I hit the cool button and this was 7:30 mins into the roast. We'll find out on friday what it tastes like.