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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My order from Ecco Caffe turned up today, these folks have an awesome reputation, and I'm looking forward to trying out the Northern Italian Reserve Espresso tomorrow. I was really impressed with their customer service, I ordered online last thursady, and Steve emailed me to say they wouldn't be roasting some of the beans needed for my order until Monday, was I ok with the wait (which was only 2 business days anyway), or did I want to try something else, which they could ship out that afternoon. Nice, personal touch. I also liked the fact that they actually seem to get that if you order over the internet, then email is probably your primary choice for communication, so many of the other coffee internet retailers I've delt with don't get this and any time you need to ask a question or confirm something, you're left chasing people around by telephone. To date I still don't understand this mentality, its got to be significantly more expensive and less convienient for you to interact with me over the telephone rather than via email. Anyway, back to Ecco Caffe, the new issue of Barista Magazine has a Q&A with Andrew Barnett, head honcho dude @ Ecco Caffe (the intro is available online)