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Saturday, June 3, 2006

I've been chugging away at a version of relaxer (my RESTLog blogging client) for OSX by writing it in Java using SWT. I started out with an X-Code / Cocoa-Java version, but after 2+ years of living in eclipse to do java work switching to X-Code was like a trip to the dark ages, which is a pity because SWT on the Mac (or at least my Intel mac) still seems pretty raw, I don't know if you can see well on the screen shot, but there are issues with label background colors on a colored background, you'll also notice the group boxs are all textless, because it renders the text in the wrong position, and more complex widgets like the toolbar seem even more broken. Then there's the aqua widgets i want to use, but don't seem to exist in SWT. I might try a python/wx-widgets based version next, not sure in which direction to head next. Apple need to work on getting their dev tools out of the 90's.

BTW, what's the equivilent to Paint Shop Pro on the Mac ? For all the iLife vs Calculator jabs in the Apple ads, where's Paint ?