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Sunday, May 1, 2005

While over in the east bay for a fabulous sunny Sunday afternoon BBQ, I figured we'd drop in the Emeryville Apple store and now that Tiger's out finally pull the trigger on a Mac Mini. It didn't go well, I wanted the Bluetooth module, see if I could finally get something to sync my 3650 with and some extra memory, seemed straightforward enough to me, but no they don't have the Bluetooth module on its own, I have to get the Bluetooth & wireless combo. Wasn't really sure I wanted to blow an extra $100 just to get Bluetooth but decided to go ahead anyway, only to be told they'd put it together and call me in 48 hours or so to pick it up ! WTF, 48 hours ??, ok, I realize that someone has to pry the damned thing apart and fit the extra memory and Bluetooth module but 2 days, come on, that's insane. I'd just buy one from the online store, but no, the online store doesn't accept apple gift cards, they're only valid at retail stores. What the hell happened is it still 1995 or something ?? Oh, and no it comes with Tiger, but its not pre-installed, you need to do the upgrade yourself (and the Apple web site still says its comes with Panther!), if Apple ever wants to break out of their fanatic fan base, they really need to look at this, I'm sure when Windows 95 (or XP, or Longhorn when it ships) was released that it was available pre-installed from the minute it was released.

So now I'm home and Ubuntu is busy installing on a spare box, perhaps I'll just blow my apple gift card on some ipod socks