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Wednesday, October 3, 2001

So, following all the fuss on the soap list over WSDL (try starting from here), i thought i'd have another look at the current WSDL tools, to see if they've improved at all since last time i looked, here's a brief summary of what i found. (let me know if i missed any)

I setup two tests, the first splits the WSDL across 3 files as per the authoring guidelines in the WSDL 1.0 spec ( types, interfaces and implementations ). The second test is basically the same WSDL folded back into a single file. If you want to look at these, the goto

3/14/1 : Following some discussions on the WSDL list, i've updated the 1st demo to move the import of the schema to be a direct child of the definitions element

MS Toolkit 2.0 beta 2

Fails the first test because it doesn't implement support for import (perhaps its not in WSDL 1.1). Seems to read the second version ok, i was able to make a simple call with it.

IBM WSDL Toolkit v1.1

Supports import, which is good, seems to get confused about the namespaces, fails to do anything with either version (this explains why Tony has IBM specific WSDL all over XMethods)


No support for Import, but coped with the second version, i was able to call a method with it.

IdooXoap Java v1.1

I was impressed when i last looked at v1.0, and the 1.1 version copes with the first test fine (the only one to do so). i had no trouble making a simple call with it.

And that surprisingly were all the tools i could find that read WSDL. The Lucin toolkit claims WSDL support, but i couldn't get it to install at all.