WSDL Wizard for PocketSOAP

This release contains support for generating proxies for rpc/encoded and document/literal services, complexTypes and custom serializers for those types are constructed from the WSDL and XSD schema information. The proxy object is generated in form of a VB6 project, a future release should contain support for additional languages (such as eVC).


Before installing this version, you must have MSXML 4.0 (or later) & PocketSOAP 1.3.0 (or later) installed.

Download the wsdlWiz.2.3.0.exe (255k) file and run it, this will install both a GUI based wizard and a command line tool.

Source code (65k) is available under the MPL. Note that this doesn't include the source code for the command line version due to source redistribution issues with some of the libraries it uses.

GUI Tool Usage

A shortcut to the GUI tool is installed on the start menu, click this to start the GUI Wizard, you'll be prompted with the following dialog

Enter the URL to the WSDL file in the top entry box, and enter or choice a directory where the VB6 project should be generated. Once both are set hit the next button, the Wizard will parse the WSDL and present a list of PortTypes defined in the WSDL, you can then select which ones to include in your project, by default all portTypes are selected.

The wizard will now present you with a list of operations in all the PortTypes, select which ones to include in the project, by default all are selected.

Now the wizard will generate the code for the selected portTypes and operations, there will be a class generated for each portType, each complex type and a custom serializer class for each complex type, a .vbp project file is also generated. Once its finished generating code, you can now open the project in VB6 and compile the project to a COM DLL.

Command Line Usage

In addition to the GUI wizard, there is also a command line tool available, this is called wsdl-cl.exe.

Usage: wsdl-cl [@argfile] [/?|h|help] [/v|version] <wsdl> [/port <value>] [/fiximports] [/project <value>] [/class <value>] [/proxy <value>] [/proxyPort <value>]

@argfile           Read arguments from a file.
/?                 Show usage.
/v                 Show version.
wsdl               The URL or FileName of the source WSDL document
/port <value>      The name of the port to generate a proxy for
/fiximports        Fix missing xsd:imports for the soap-enc namespace
/project <value>   Overrides the name of the generated project
/class <value>     Overrides teh name of the generated proxy class
/proxy <value>     Specifies a proxy server name  [only used in the generated code]
/proxyPort <value> Specifies a proxy server port# [only used in the generated code]

Known Issues

Release History

2.3.0 May 9, 2004

2.2.1 Jan 28, 2004

2.2 Jan 5, 2004

2.0.1, May 1, 2003

2.0, March 21, 2003

RC1, December 28, 2002

Beta 3, June 9, 2002

Beta 2, May 25, 2002

Please post any bug reports, feedback, comments, etc to the pocketSOAP mailing list