I got fed up with installing Java & Apache SOAP just to get tcpTunnelGUI, so here's a native Win32 version, built using Attila (no MFC :) ). It started out as a copy of the Apache tool, but has taken on a life of its own!.

Huh, it does what ?

Basically you use it as a tunnel between your client & server. Start tcptrace.exe and up comes a dialog box asking for local port #, destination server, and destination port # (Ignore the logging options for now) Fill these in, click Ok, and wow are you going to have fun. For example if you are writing a client and testing against a remote server (say ), you can setup
Local Port #         8080
Destination Server
Destination Port #   80
Now configure your client so that it thinks the server is at localhost:8080. tcpTrace will forward all the traffic from localport:8080 to the remote server (and vica versa), dumping the contents in the process. If you are hosting a server say on port 80 and want to use it, then change your server to run on port 81, and setup
Local Port #         80
Destination Server   localhost
Destination Port #   81
you can now see your incoming traffic.

It should work with all the text based IP protocols, I've been using it with SOAP (port 80) & HTTP (port 80), and I know Peter Drayton has been using it with POP3 (port 110) & SMTP (port 25)

Command Line Options

If you prefer to set-up a tcpTrace session via a command line rather than via the GUI, then there are the following command line options e.g.
tcptrace /listen 8080 /serverPort 80 /serverName
tcptrace /listen 8081 /serverPort 80 /serverName /log c:\log.xml /logFormat xml
tcptrace /listen 5049 /serverPort 5049 /serverName /title "Apache Server"

If you're doing pure SOAP/HTTP work, you'll want to take a look at proxyTrace as well.

download a copy and give it a go.

My thanks to the following people for helping out

Release History

v0.8.1 (Build 717) May 28, 2005
v0.8.0 (Build 712) December 17, 2003
v0.7.3 (Build 710) December 28, 2002
v0.7.2 (Build 708) December 28, 2002
v0.7.1 (Build 683) December 18, 2002
v0.7.0 (Build 669) July 6, 2002
v0.6.0 (Build 648) March 27, 2002 [aka the Conference Presenters Edition!]
v0.5.0 (Build 626) September 2, 2001
v0.4.0 (Build 521) February 21, 2001
v0.3.0 (Build 234) January 15, 2001
v0.2.1 (Build 122) December 1, 2000
v0.2.0 (Build 120) September 30, 2000
v0.1.0 (Build 92) September 12, 2000