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Maildrop provides an easy way to copy emails from Mail, Entourage or Outlook 2011 into

I'm not longer maintaining Maildrop, but its open source, see its project home page on Github, You can grab the source and make whatever changes you like.

April 2018: If you're having trouble with login hanging, the problem is that Salesforce retired the login API that Maildrop uses by default. You can fix this by hitting the + button on the login dialog and add as a server and using that to login instead (of the default of

TLS Disablement: Salesforce has been rolling out a change to disable TLS 1.0 & TLS 1.1 support. If you use Maildrop 2.99 (detailed below) on a recent version of OSX (I tested on 10.12.6), it'll use TLS 1.2 and be ok

Quickly Create a new case from an email.

Create an Email Activity from an email, search for who & what the email is related to.

Quickly create new contacts or leads if needed.

Upload Email attachments to the relevant records in

Securely stores your credentials on the Keychain.

Supports the tools you use, works with Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage & Microsoft Outlook 2011


Requires Mac OSX 10.5 or later, and a supported email client (Apple Mail, Entourage 2008, or Outlook 2011)
Works with all Salesforce editions that include activities and/or cases.
You can download Maildrop v2.93. Source code is available on github.

A v2.99 Beta release which uses scripting bridge rather than applescript directly, has been available for a long time, but never promoted to a real release. If you're having issues, particularly applescript issues, try using the 2.99 Beta instead.

Release History

v2.93, May 31, 2012
v2.92, Oct 26, 2011
v2.91, Sept 1, 2011
v2.9, July 6, 2011
v2.8, April 9, 2011
v2.7, Feb 22, 2011
v2.6, Jan 3, 2011
v2.5, Nov 30, 2010
v2.4, Nov 20, 2010
v2.2, Nov 29, 2009
v2.1, Jan 6, 2009
v2.0, Dec 7, 2008
v1.5.0, Sept 27, 2007
v1.4.0, Sept 16, 2007
v1.3.5, Sept 13, 2007
v1.3.1, July 15, 2007
v1.3, April 9, 2007
v1.2, Feb 28, 2007
v1.01, Jan 21, 2007
v1.0, Jan 19, 2007