4S4C aka Simon's SOAP Server Services For COM


O.S. requirements

This release has been tested on Windows 2000 SP2 and NT4 with SP6a, 4S4C has not been tested and will not work on Windows 9x (95, 98, 98SE, ME). There are no current plans to support Windows 9x, however if enough people ask for it, then I'll look into it (although why anyone would want to deploy server applications on Windows 9x is beyond me). The HTTP listener requires IIS (4.0 or 5.0) to be installed and working. The SMTP Listener only works on Windows 2000, and requires that the SMTP Service be installed and working.

Installation Process

The 4S4C installer uses Microsoft's Windows Installer v1.1. If you are running Windows 2000, then this is already installed. If you are running NT4, then you might already have Windows Installer installed (Office 2000 & the Platform SDK both use it). If you don't have Windows Installer, you will need to install this first, grab a copy from here (1,465Kb).

If you have 4s4c 1.1 or 4s4c 1.0, you must manually uninstall and remove the ssss4c virtual directory from IIS before starting the install
If you already have 4s4c 1.2 or later installed, then you can simiply run the install and it will upgrade it to v1.3.8

To install 4S4C, double click the downloaded 4s4c_1.3.8.msi file, and follow the instructions, assuming a default install, it will of installed the following directory tree (In <ProgramFiles>\SimonFell)

4s4c            This contains the core 4S4C components
     \Docs      A copy of this set of documentation
     \HTTP      The ASP based HTTP listener
     \SMTP      The Windows 2000 SMTP Service based SMTP listener (Only installs on Windows 2000)
            \Server                The demo server component, all the samples use this
                 \ApacheSoap       Using the Apache SOAP Java Toolkit 
                 \IdooXoap         Using the IdooXoap SOAP Java Toolkit
                 \mstk2            Using the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit v2
                 \Perl             Using DevelopMentors SOAP/Perl 0.28 library
                 \pocketSOAP       Using the pocketSOAP 0.9 toolkit
                 \SOAPLite         Using the SOAP::Lite perl library

Install Problems

If you select the HTTP option (selected by default), then the installer assumes you have IIS installed and working. It will install a new virtual directory called ssss4c on the web server configured for port 80. If there is no web server running on port 80, or it already has a virtual directory called ssss4c, the install will fail with an error.

Post Install Sanity Test

If all went well with the install, and you chose to install the HTTP listener and the Sample Server, you should be able to pull up the IE5 Client demo, http://localhost/ssss4c/ and hit the 'Add' button to send a SOAP request, and display the results. You should also be able to view the service description of the demo service via this link

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