Web Services tools for Windows

Here's a collection of Web Services related tools for Windows, some of these support both PocketPC & Desktop variations of Windows.

If you any questions, comments or suggestions, please use the PocketSOAP mailing list

PocketHTTP (v1.3.4 : 15 September 2012)

A fully featured HTTP 1.1 client for the windows family, including
  • HTTP/1.1 support including chunked encoding and persistent connections (Keep-Alive's).
  • SSL support including SSL via proxy servers.
  • Compression support (both gzip & deflate), including the ability to compress the request body.
  • Authentication support for both proxies and servers.

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PocketSOAP (v1.5.5 : 16 August 2009)

  • Supports SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2.
  • SwA, DIME & WS-Attachments support.
  • Section 5 encoding support, including simple types, base64 binary, arrays, multi-dim arrays, partial & sparse arrays, nil's, complex types, root handling andmulti-references (including circular references)
  • Support for doc/literal services
  • Support for headers
  • HTTP 1.1 support for SSL, persistent connections, authentication, cookies, redirects, compression, proxy servers, proxy authentication, including SSL over proxy connections.
  • Comes with a propertyBag serializer, serialize any persistant VB object to/from a SOAP complex type out of the box with no extra code !.
  • Full support for pluggable serializers, replace any of the standard serializers with your own (e.g. you could provide a serializer that maps collection objects to/from SOAP Arrays). The serializer engine include multi-ref support for both serialization & deserialization.

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YATT (v0.3.0.352 : 24 April 2006)

YATT is a project to replace the current proliferation of trace tools ( tcpTrace, proxyTrace, pcapTrace ), with a single extensible tracing tool. YATT features a new GUI built with WTL, complete with a Hex View mode, and currently ships with 2 Trace providers, one based on WinPCAP and one based on the W2K Raw sockets support.

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TcpTrace (v0.8.0 : 28 May 2005)

Once you start working with SOAP, one of the first tools yourealize you need is something that can monitor HTTP traffic. I got fed up with installing Java & Apache SOAP just to get tcpTunnelGUI, so here's a native Win32 version, built using Attila (no MFC :) ). It started out as a copy of the Apache tool, but has taken on a life of its own!.

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PocketXML-RPC (v1.2.1 : 26 February 2005)

An XML-RPC COM client library for the Windows family (PocketPC,9x,NT,W2K,XP), it supports all the XML-RPC types including arrays and structs, and comes with an easy to use 'expando' struct object, along with support for HTTP basic authentication, proxy servers, proxy authentication and SSL.

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PocketSOAP WSDL Wizard (v2.3.0 : 9 May 2004)

This is a major revision of the WSDL Proxy Generator, it now supports rpc/encoded and document/literal style services, it will generate a complete VB6 project, including classes for complex types and custom serializers. The 2.2 release adds support for hierarchies of complex types along with other improvements.

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4s4c (v1.3.8 : 2 March 2002)

aka Simon's SOAP Server Services For COM : a set of components for exposing COM objects as SOAP web services. This consists of a core SOAP dispatcher that is responsible for converting SOAP request messages into calls against COM objects, and converting the results of the call back into a SOAP reply. The dispatcher can be used to provide a SOAP engine for any transport, listeners for HTTP (using ASP) and SMTP (using the Windows 2000 SMTP service) are included. Designed for inter-op out of the box, it can accept SOAP requests from pocketSOAP, Microsoft's ROPE, Apache SOAP, SOAP::Lite, SOAP/Perl, Microsoft SOAP Toolkit v2.0 and IdooXoap Java.

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PcapTrace (v0.1 : 3 September 2001)

Fed up with changing your code just to get some wire dumps, well those days are over ! PcapTrace puts the familar GUI from tcpTrace on top the Windows Packet Capture library. Simply fire up PcapTrace and start capturing those HTTP traces.
NO code changes needed.

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ProxyTrace (v0.1.2 : 9 April 2001)

tcpTrace works great until you run into WSDL, then its not so good. Here's a HTTP proxy server based on tcpTrace that makes working with HTTP based SOAP tools easier, especially those using WSDL.

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Beta and Experimental releases

PocketSOAP TransportPak Beta (vbeta 1 : 30 November 2001)

First beta of the PocketSOAP TransportPak, a set of additional transports for PocketSOAP. This release includes Jabber and RawTCP transports.

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