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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Am seeing a weird issue with PocketPC 2003 when connected via the doc/activeSync. calling connect to a valid address/port, (for a tcp stream) but where nothing is listening on the port will succeed ! Anyone heard of this? upgrading to activeSync 3.8 didn't help.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Its interesting to see the WS-* proponents de-camp and start claiming that WS-* is only for the enterprise (and I love the way they say it like that's what they've been saying all along <g>)

Sheeesh, when are Tivo going to pull their fingers out and release a standalone HD Tivo?

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

A lot of code using the Sforce API deals with calling query and queryMore, probably using something like this

sforce.QueryResult qr = svc.query("Select Id, Name from Account");
	foreach (sforce.Account a in qr.records)
	if (!qr.done)
		qr = svc.queryMore(qr.queryLocator);
} while (true);

But the .NET Web Services client stack gets an async client API for free, this lets you easily start the queryMore call before you start the job of processing the current records, so when you've done with the current records, the next are ready for process, no need to wait around for the queryMore call to hit the network and comeback. If you're processing millions of records, then this can add up, here's a revised approach

sforce.QueryResult qr = svc.query("select Id, Name from Account");
IAsyncResult asyncQueryMore = null;
	if (asyncQueryMore != null) qr = svc.EndqueryMore(asyncQueryMore);
	if (!qr.done) asyncQueryMore = svc.BeginqueryMore(qr.queryLocator, null, null);
	foreach ( sforce.Account a in qr.records)
} while (!qr.done);			

Like any other rapidly growing company we're doing lots of hiring, of particular interest to me, is we're looking for additional QA people for the Sforce API, If you're interested in architecting and developing test code for the latest in interoperable cutting edge Web Services, know Web Services and its foundations (xml, namespaces, SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1, WS-*) and you know what soap:mustUnderstand='1' means let me know,

These are the ones I've run across,, and Not a blog, but myself and a lot of the other sforce folks hang out on the sforce community forums, if you have sforce questions, its a great place to ask.

I just finished reading Market Forces, if you like the previous Richard Morgan books, then I think you'll like this one too, the violence seems a little much written down, but is probably no more violent than the average Hollywood action flick (feel free to take this a good or bad point as you see fit).