ZakBlog is a Blogging client application for servers that support the metaWeblog API, such as Radio Userland and Moveable Type. This allows you to post / edit / delete items from your weblog in an easy to use application, complete with spell checker (requires Word to be installed).

Here's a screen shot of it in action


ZakBlog is built using .NET, you will need the .NET 1.0 Runtime installed before it can be run. The best way to get this is to use the built in Update feature of Windows.
Download v0.1 (48k) and extract the files to a directory. Double click the ZakBlog.EXE to run the application.


When you first run the application, you'll be prompted to configure access to your weblog server.

Once all the fields have been filled out, hit ok to return to the main window.

General Usage

Double click the weblog name on the left to fetch the recent posts for that weblog, click on an existing post to edit it, or click New Entry to start a new weblog entry. When ready to post, click the Post button. You can use the Options menu to enable the spell check before post option, so that your post is always spell checked before being posted. Right click on an item in the left list view for more options.