I got fed up of cut'n'pasting between Visual Studio and a browser to do searches, so here's a little Visual Studio Add-In that adds search functions for my top searchs The Add-In setups a toolbar, and in addition it installs two default key binding, CTRL F1 for web search, and CTRL SHIFT F1 for Newsgroup search.


Download vsGoogle and drop vsGoogle.dll into your MSDev98\AddIns directory, and register it with regsvr32. Fire up Visual Studio, goto Tools -> Customize -> Add-Ins and Macro files, and check Google Search.

Following a suggestion from Tim Tabor, I added the option to search the MSDN website, thanks Tim !.

Dec 8 2001, Sofus Mortensen suggested that the MSDN search should include the support site [which is tricky on Google], so now the last button searches the whole microsoft.com domain.

If you have an older version installed and you want to upgrade you'll need to uncheck it from the Add-Ins page, and re-select it to get the extra button to show up.

This probably won't work with VS.NET, however Drew Marsh posted a VS.NET Macro to the ATL mailing list that does something similar.