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In addition to the samples contained in the 4s4c and pocketSOAP downloads, I'll be adding more samples here. Drop me an email if you have a sample you want to add here, or there's a specific example you want to see.

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This is an updated version of Christian Forsberg's sample that he built for this article. In addition to being updated for pocketSOAP 1.1, Rupak Ganguly kindly contributed some code that allows you to configure the proxy and authentication options.
In addition to the source download [click the title], there's a download for a pre-packaged setup [1109k] for ARM, MIPS & SH3 devices.
Last Updated : Sunday, May 25, 2003
categories: PocketSOAP eVB
This eVB project show's how to use the DIME and SwA attachments support in PocketSOAP 1.3.5 from eVB.
Last Updated : Saturday, July 27, 2002
categories: PocketSOAP eVB
This is a simple BloggerAPI client for PocketPC's, that can be use to edit and create posts for weblogging tools that support the BloggerAPI such as Blogger and Radio.
Last Updated : Monday, May 13, 2002
categories: PocketXML-RPC eVB Userland